Dublin's Guinness Storehouse, the most visited attraction in Ireland, is now offering guests a behind-the-gates tour in areas of the brewery that were previously closed off to the public.

The Guinness Storehouse Brewery at St. James Gate
Dublin's Guinness Storehouse has launched a new tour that brings visitors into the heart of the working brewery ©littleny/Shutterstock

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin's historic Liberties neighbourhood is the top attraction in Ireland, with over 1.7 million guests passing through its doors in 2018. The site, home to the famous Gravity Bar on the top floor with its panoramic views of Dublin city, offers a range of tours for visitors across seven floors, teaching them everything they need to know about Ireland's long-standing brewing history and what goes into making the perfect "pint of plain."

The newest tour, however, offers something a little different by lifting the curtain on what goes on behind-the-scenes or rather "behind-the-gates" of the St James Gate brewery. It's led by the company's so-called Beer Specialists and for the first time, visitors are invited down to the historic Roast House (where the barley is brewed) and guided across historic railways and cobbled stones to some of the oldest parts of the site, including the 200-year-old Vat Houses - following in the footsteps of founder Arthur Guinness who opened the brewery in 1759.

Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar
Guinness Storehouse's Gravity Bar ©Guinness Storehouse

The two-hour tour, which is open to small groups of up to 12, also includes a visit to the state-of-the-art Brewhouse 4, where the velvety stout is brewed today. After walking through Dublin's brewing history, guests will end the tour with food and beer tasting of limited-edition brews in the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, the on-site experimental brewery. 

Tickets are priced at €95 (£80) per person for the behind-the-gates tour. For more information, see here.

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