A stunning new glass pavilion has been built in the Gorafe Desert in the province of Granada, Spain, that allows nature-loving guests to lie back, relax and fall asleep under the stars.

La Casa del Desierto was unveiled this month.
La Casa del Desierto was unveiled this month.

Called La Casa del Desierto, the project is the result of a collaboration between Guardian Glass and OFIS Architects, who set out to create a building that could demonstrate the beauty of Spain throughout all seasons by providing a peaceful, open space that enables visitors to truly immerse themselves in nature. Standing on a wooden structure, the house is fully glazed with high performance, energy-efficient glass designed to withstand the challenging desert conditions. Covering 20 square metres, the house includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room, and sits on a wide open space overlooking the landscape.

Visitors can gaze up at the stars from the bedroom in the small house.
Visitors can gaze up at the stars from the bedroom of the small house.

Located in the northern part of the region of Guadix, in the province of Granada, Andalusia, the desert of Coloraos de Gorafe owes its name to the shades of its red sandstone and to the diversity of rock formations in the area shaped by the erosion system and the lack of vegetation. While it is considered to be a particularly adverse natural environment, because of the specialised glass the inside of the house stays warm in the winter time, while in spring and summer the solar protection properties of the material keeps the house from overheating. La Casa del Desierto also has a water filtration system and an energy generation system.

The pavilion was built with specialised glass designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the desert.

"How we can create a home with a comfortable atmosphere in harsh conditions such as a desert, is what we find most exciting. On the other hand, the landscape is beautiful, it is a perfect hideaway or escape from this type of city life, so we wanted to create a comfortable environment for someone to be alone,” said Spela Videcnik of OFIS Architects. Unveiled this month, La Casa del Desierto is due to be made available for guests to rent through Airbnb soon.

More information on the project is available at the official Guardian Glass website.

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