A new biking route has just opened in northern Italy, featuring more than 3km of trails right under the shadow of the Alps.

A tourist biking through the green countryside on a dirt road
The new Greenway has been open since the beginning of October © dziajola / Shutterstock

The new Greenway centres around the city of Brescia in Lombardy, and spans both the Trompia and Sabbia valleys with seventy-four routes, ranging from easygoing ones for beginners and mountain routes reserved for expert mountain-bikers.

An overview of the city of Brescia, with the mountains in the background
The new Greenway is described as "your ideal bike destination" © Westend61 / Getty Images

One of the most famous routes among the hard ones is the “Path of a Hundred Hairpin Bends,” right by the Lake Idro and consisting of, you might have guessed, a grand total of 136 hairpin bends. “The challenge is being able to take all of them on without ever putting your feet on the ground,” said the staff of the Greenway while describing the route. “It’s a trail to tackle at full speed.”

A mountain valley dotted with yellow flowers
The Greenway includes 48 mountain bike routes, 24 road bike routes and two routes meant specifically for cyclo tourists © Roberto Moiola / Sysaworld / Getty Images

If you’re looking for something that’s a little less adrenaline-filled but still interesting, another pretty popular route is the ring that leads from Brescia to Mount Maniva and back to Brescia again, the perfect way to discover all the valleys have to offer, from delicious food to cultural sights.

An overview of a lakeside village on Lake Garda
Some of the routes in the Greenway pass by Lake Garda and Lake d'Idro offering spectacular views © Lukasz Szwaj / Shutterstock

All of the Greenway routes are dotted with amazing sights, courtesy of the Alps and of the lake, as well as little villages and towns that are definitely worth a stop. Many of these stops also offer bike repair services, in case you ever need assistance while on the road.

Two tourists riding through the countryside on a sunny day
All information on the routes featured in the Greenway can be downloaded from their website © nnattalli / Shutterstock

You can find all the information you need about the Greenway on its official website here, where you can also download all the routes complete with GPS tracking to guide you on your way!

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