If you want to spend a month hopping between sun-soaked Greek islands, a new ferry pass will make it easier to get between more than 50 different spots.

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Sunset over whitewashed houses of Fira, Santorini, Greece.

The Eurail Greek Islands Pass is the only pass that offers ferry trips in the Greek Islands, and it has now been extended to cover travel between 53 islands, up from 28. Travellers can visit 21 islands in the Cyclades, and 12 islands in the Dodecanese, three islands in the Sporades, seven in the Saronic Islands, nine in the Northeast Aegean Islands, and Crete.

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Man diving into water in secluded cove in the South Aegean.

There are two different options for the passes. One offers six trips in one month, which costs €175 (US$201), which includes two trips between Italy (Venice, Ancona, or Bari) and Greece (Patras or Igoumenitsa), as well as four domestic trips. The trips between Italy and Greece are optional, but cannot be substituted for domestic trips. Or there is pass for five trips in one month, which costs €90 (US$103) and applies exclusively domestic ferries within Greece.

Travel News - People enter the New (or ‘Great’) Taxiarhes church in Mesta.
The New (or ‘Great’) Taxiarhes church in Mesta in the North-Eastern Aegean Islands.

Travellers can get the pass, but will also need a boarding pass for each ferry, which can be picked up at the port, and travellers are encouraged to be there about two hours before departure. Making reservations for the ferry is also necessary, particularly during the busy summer period. If you want to reserve a seat or bed, it should be done at least one month in advance. 

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