Many people around the world use weighted blankets to help with symptoms of anxiety, with the technology targeting pressure points in a bid to help attain a feeling of relaxation.

One product, the Gravity Blanket, has proven especially popular. And now, in response to customer feedback, the company has unveiled a travel-friendly version of the weighted blanket, allowing users to relax while they are on the go.

Gravity Travel.jpg
The Gravity Travel blanket is designed for people on the go © Gravity

The Gravity Travel is available in grey, and features a smaller, more compact size along with a carrying case designed to sit atop large rolling suitcases. It is still a therapeutic weighted blanket, engineered to 10lbs. Each blanket features a micro-plush duvet cover and an inner weighted piece containing fine-grade glass beads that remain uniformly distributed across its surface area. The cover is machine washable and breathable in all climates, while the inner weighted blanket is hand-wash-only.

Travel Blanket Gravity.jpg
The weighted blanket helps promote feelings of relaxation © Gravity

According to studies, the pressure applied by weighted blankets can help promote restful sleep and feelings of ease, with the sensation being not dissimilar to a hug. “The product has been very well received by our community. It was developed because we had many customers reaching out saying they love their original blanket, but lost out on quality sleep while traveling for work or pleasure because it was too bulky to travel with. Equipped with a sleek, carrying case and machine washable duvet, it's the perfect carry-on travel companion for anyone looking to beat travel stress or sleep more soundly while away from home,” a representative of Gravity told Lonely Planet. 

The blanket is currently priced US$135 (€121) with free shipping. From 11 November onwards, the company is running a special holiday deal offering 25% off using the code holiday2019. The offer runs until 31 December.

travel blanket high tech.jpg
The travel version was created after the original model proved popular © Gravity

More information is available at the official Gravity Blankets website.

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