If you fancy the idea of drinking coffee and being waited on hand and foot, we might have found the ideal role for you.

Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh
You could win the chance to stay in a grand Scottish castle for a week © Carlowrie Castle

Gevalia Kaffe is looking to appoint someone to live like royalty for an entire week in Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh. They're calling the person chosen their Coffee Queen, but the competition is open to everyone. As well as being given a $5000 (€4475) salary, the person appointed will enjoy the services of a personal butler, five-course meals, private lessons from an award-winning coffee chef and relaxing coffee-inspired spa treatments. They can bring a friend along for the week and both can drink unlimited Gevalia coffee.

Edinburgh-based wine merchant and provost of Leith, Thomas Hutchison, commissioned Scottish architect David Rhind to design Carlowrie Castle. Sadly Thomas died in 1852, the same year that construction began. The castle was completed by his son Robert and bears the Hutchison coat of arms carved into the stone above the front door. In 1873, Robert invited David Rhind back to design the gatehouses and outbuildings of the castle. The Marshall family acquired the castle in 1982, and in 2012, their son Andrew bought it from his parents and transformed it into the spectacular events venue and location that it is today.

The hallway of Carlowrie Castle
The inside of Carlowrie Castle © Carlowrie Castle

You can apply for the chance to be crowned Gevalia’s Coffee Queen by 21 December here.

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