Camper van culture is booming, with more and more people realising their dreams and investing in the freedom of the wide open road. With interest at an all-time high, one company has unveiled a design for a innovative “house on wheels” that has been inspiring wanderlust in people that see it.

The VisionVenture from Hymer © Hymer

Unveiled by Hymer, the VisionVenture outlines some of the futuristic, ground-breaking details that may be implemented in camper vans by the year 2025, showcasing what travel could look like in the next few years. This includes 3D printing technology, infrared-reflective paint and a rear patio with a barbecue and a pneumatic pop-top roof.

While the project is currently a concept camper van, according to Hymer, the VisionVenture is helping to shape technological advances and direct changes that the company wants to introduce. “Even though it’s not yet ready for production, we are working on transferring individual design materials and technologies into production vehicles over the medium term. We are confident that we will be able to introduce some elements from this array of innovative and extremely customer-friendly solutions into series production in the not too distant future,” Hymer told Lonely Planet.

The design features a layout that is adaptable and multifunctional © Hymer

The VisonVenture was presented to the public at the Caravan Salon 2019 in Düsseldorf. Developed in collaboration with BASF, the camper van has been designed around a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, and includes details such as ultra-resilient paintwork that is temperature-regulating and energy-efficient, as well an inflatable pop-out roof with outer honeycomb walls nearly seven centimetres-thick to provide insulation and that can be inflated with heated or cooled air in the space of a minute, depending on the season. 

Design graphics show a chic interior with a multi-functional layout designed for different purposes.

According to the company, elements from the concept camper van will be utilised in the near future © Hymer

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More information on the company’s current line-up of camper vans is available at the official Hymer website.

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