Resolving to see more of the world in 2020? You don’t have to go bankrupt chasing the dream. 

After analyzing five years worth of data for more than a million travelers in more than 100 countries – a billion-plus flight segments – for popular destinations in the US and abroad, cheap-fare subscription service Dollar Flight Club has released its predictions for the top 20 trending destinations for the new year, along with the date range to book if you want the best deals. Here’s when you’ll get the lowest round-trip prices to ten of 2020’s bucket-list locales.

Silhouette of a surfer walking on a sandy beach with a surfboard during sunset.
Bali's sun and surf are justifiably renowned  © joyt/Getty Images

1. Bali

Bali is a beach-lover’s paradise, and ticket prices often reflect its appeal, easily ringing in around US$1000 at peak times. But US travelers willing to plan ahead could find flights as low as $390 round-trip from August to December – peak season. You might have to shell out a bit more for accommodation and put up with some crowds, but it’ll sting a bit less with that kind of discount. 

Facades of apartment buildings at Ile Saint Louis and Pont de la Tournelle bridge, Paris, France.
The City of Light offers eternal appeal RF © tifonimages/Getty Images

2. Paris

From the fabulous food and shopping to the iconic art and architecture, the City of Light is eternally appealing. To get there on the cheap, pencil in a getaway from April to July, when fares are expected to bottom out at $234 round-trip. 

View of Mykonos Town’s Little Venice bay, Mykonos, Greece.
Mykonos is the ideal locale for a glamorous island adventure © photography/Shutterstock

3. Mykonos

Who doesn’t fantasize about an idyllic stint in the Greek islands? If your idea of the ideal vacation is more see and be seen than relax and refresh, look no further than the glamorous Mykonos – from August to October, tickets should drop to $345 round-trip. 

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Woman with a yellow jacket walking in the electronic town district of Akihabara, Tokyo.
As the host city for the Summer Olympic Games, Tokyo will be a hot ticket in 2020 © Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

4. Tokyo

Even if you’ve visited Tokyo before, the city changes so rapidly that you’re bound to discover something new upon your return. Just don’t expect to score a bargain fare during the Summer Olympic Games – flights are expected to be cheapest from February to May, when they’ll be just $405 round-trip. 

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Piazza del Campidoglio, Capitoline Hill, Rome, Italy.
Italy's capital is a can't-miss destination © Justin Foulkes/Lonely Planet

5. Rome

Juxtaposing ancient ruins and cultural treasures with fantastic food and au courant nightlife, Italy’s capital is a can’t-miss destination. From July to October, fares could drop as low as $329 round-trip, but if you want good weather and plenty of entertainment options, autumn is an ideal time to check out the city. 

Melbourne cityscape from Southgate across the Yarra River with Princes Bridge, Flinders St Station, and Federation Square.
For cheap flights to Melbourne, set a price tracker and get ready to pounce © Catherine Sutherland/Lonely Planet

6. Melbourne

With Victoria under a state of emergency, besieged by catastrophic bushfires on all sides that have caused evacuation orders, travel to the region is currently uncertain. However, Australia is a perennially popular travel destination and many people will be waiting to see the best time to visit when fires abate.  Melbourne made the trending list, so travellers keen to visit can keep an eye on the situation and consider flights – especially from March to June, when tickets to Melbourne could be as low as of $499 round-trip. 

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The Souk in Marrakesh, Morocco.
There's no place like Marrakesh © Lottie Davies/Lonely Planet

7. Marrakesh

From the intricate artisan architecture and design to the bustling souqs of the medina, there’s no place like Marrakesh. The Moroccan city has been a beacon for travelers for thousands of years, and you can heed its siren song from February to March, when fares are cheapest – just $405 round-trip. 

City of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Dubrovnik's old town looks like a Hollywood film set come to life © WitR/Getty Image

8. Dubrovnik

Nestled on the sparkling Adriatic Sea, with baroque stone buildings guarded by ancient city walls, Dubrovnik’s old town looks like a Hollywood film set come to life. To take it all in for only $450 round-trip, frugal travelers should look to book from April to July. 

Overview of harbor, Barceloneta, and the waterfront from Monument a Colom in Barcelona.
Barcelona boasts multiple sites on Unesco’s World Heritage List © Matt Munro/Lonely Planet

9. Barcelona

With three overarching properties on Unesco’s World Heritage List, including multiple works by Antoni Gaudí, not to mention a top-of-the-table football team and one of the best food scenes you could hope to encounter, Barcelona really does have something for everyone. A summer sojourn is tempting, but hold out until October if you can – tickets should drop to $329 through December. 

Boats in front of brightly colored building facades on Nyhavn canal in Copenhagen.
Copenhagen offers a dose of sustainable Scandi cool © Sarah Coghill/Lonely Planet

10. Copenhagen

For a dose of sustainable Scandi cool and the innovative dining and design that goes hand in hand, Copenhagen is high on the list. Though the weather is unreliable at best in the spring and summer is peak tourist season, flights are expected to be inexpensive then – just $291 round-trip from May to August. 

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