If you like to stay in top hotels while travelling, you may be interested in research that outlines the average cost of staying at five-star hotels in 100 popular destinations around the world. Travel site Asher & Lyric compiled the report, and did so by examining the average price for a room at the five best-rated five-star hotels in specific areas for a weeknight stay during December, March, June and September 2018.

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This average cost of a five-star hotel in 100 popular destinations has been revealed around the world. Image: Sarah Ingle / EyeEm

The high-season prices ranged from an average of $2107 (€1879) for five-star hotels in St Moritz in Switzerland to $120 (€107) for those in Manila in the Philippines. The results indicated that the cheapest cities for five-star hotels in high season were 2. Chennai 3. Dubai 4. Cairo 5. Siem Reap 6. Panama City 7. Brussels 8. Bali 9. New Delhi and 10. Addis Ababa. Some of these results may be surprising, because although new luxury hotels are opening all of the time in Dubai, the yearly average price of a night at a five-star hotel comes in at only $105 (€93).

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Manila is the cheapest of the top 100 most popular destinations cities for five-star hotels in high season.

The report is presented as an interactive tool, where travellers can click on column titles to sort by that filter for 234 destinations in total. Therefore five-star hotels can be filtered by continent, country and destination type, and by using various keywords around beaches, skiing, food and wine. The keyword foodie means that the destination has at least ten Michelin-rated restaurants, for example, and wine means that it has wineries and wine-tasting tours.

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Dubai has many luxury hotels and an average stay in high season is third-cheapest in the report. Image: Ashraf Jandali/Shutterstock

To check out the full report and the interactive tool, please see Asher & Lyric's website here.

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