From the bold, comic-book-like illustrations and vibrant colours of New York’s Roy Lichtenstein to the ancient, detailed prints of Japanese illustrator Katsushika Hokusai, artists have a way of creating a distinctive style that evoke a certain time and place in an instant. With that in mind, one company has unveiled a collection of striking re-imaginings of vintage travel posters created in the style of local artists from each destination.

An poster for New York City done in a style that evokes Roy Lichtenstein
A poster for New York City done in a style that evokes Roy Lichtenstein ©

Unveiled by Ken Bromley Art Supplies, the collection of ten travel posters covers a diverse selection of locations and artists. Looking at each piece enables viewers to gain insight into how the artists style might have been inspired by the place and culture into which they were born or were familiar with. 

A Katsushika Hokusai-style poster of Edo in Japan
A Katsushika Hokusai-style poster of Japan ©

The collection includes a painting of Málaga in Spain in the style of the city’s most famous artist Pablo Picasso, as well as a portrait of Frida Kahlo overlooking Mexico City, while a spray-painted graffiti tag of Bristol in the United Kingdom can be seen in the style of Banksy. Bradford in the UK is depicted in the style of David Hockney, the romantic colours of Paris, France are rendered fantastically à la Claude Monet, while Gustav Klimt lends his style to a post on Vienna.

Paris Monet poster
A poster for Paris as done by Claude Monet ©

“The idea was inspired by the many links that art has with travel. People travel the world to visit famous museums, getting a glimpse of iconic pieces of art whilst enjoying different cultures. In addition, artist’s creations are often inspired by worldwide locations and their magnificent scenery. These pieces provide escapism and a glimpse of our planet’s beauty to those admiring them. We felt that taking the perspective of famous artists would offer a unique take on the various travel locations,” Laureen Pattison of Ken Bromley Art Supplies told Lonely Planet.

Frida Kahlo Mexico City poster
A portrait of Frida Kahlo over Mexico City ©

If you’ve fallen in love with any of the particular posters, the good news is a limited number have been made available for sale here

You can see the full collection of posters here.

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