The mere mention of Antarctica conjures up wanderlust in any traveller with a bucket list of visiting all seven continents. And while it’s more accessible than ever (around 50,000 people travelled there in 2018), it’s still quite the journey – generally a lengthy cruise from Chile or Argentina across the famous Drake Passage. But for the first time ever you can visit this enviable locale in one incredible single day.

Now you can visit Antarctica in just a single day
Travellers can now experience the joys of Antarctica in a single day. © Courtesy of Naya Traveler

Naya Traveler has just launched an ultra-luxe single-day getaway to Antarctica. The trip starts with a four-and-a-half-hour flight departing Cape Town, South Africa on White Desert's Boeing 787 with just 33 seats. After flying over majestic calving icebergs, guests will touch down on one of the most remote places on earth.

During a four-hour stay on Antarctica visitors will have a choice of activities including ice treks and 4x4 explorations Or they can choose to simply relax, snap some photos and enjoy a gourmet aperitif on the ice while spotting some of the wildlife that’s truly unique to this challenging environment.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as penguin-spotting during the four-hour trip
Travellers are offered a choice of activities, including wildlife spotting. © Courtesy of Naya Traveler

“Antarctica is quickly becoming one of our most in-demand destinations, not for the usual 'bucket-list' type trips, but in fact, as the result of a growing sense of urgency in response to the detrimental effects of global warming,” says co-founder Marta Tucci. “People not only want to visit the remote Antarctic continent but are more than ever looking for unique experiences that will enable them to become as much a witness as an active player in [its] history.”

Naya Traveler will be offering exclusive day trips during summer in Antarctica in January and February, which is the optimal time to visit. After the penguin chicks hatch in mid to late December, the feeding frenzy occurs in January, while February to early March is the best time to spot whales and fur seals. The one-day getaway starts at $13,500 per person.

Naya Traveler offers exclusive day trips during summer months
Visitors can avail of a wide variety of adventure activities including ice-trekking. © Courtesy of Naya Traveler

For those who want to linger longer, the company offers a private yacht charter with six staterooms aboard the Hanse Explorer with the option to extend the trip to the Falkland Archipelago and South Georgia Island, or a private jet flight from Cape Town and a stay at state-of-the-art camps where you can partake in kite skiing, ice cave exploring and giant abseiling. 

If the seventh continent has eluded you, make this the year you add it to your travel map,

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