If you're dreaming of a European spring city break, then you’re just in time to snag the last tickets of Eurostar’s newest offer.

An Eurostar train entering London's St Pancreas station
Eurostar's latest offer will bring you from the United Kingdom to Europe with £30 © Justin Foulkes / Lonely Planet

From the end of March to the beginning of June, Eurostar is offering trips to France, Belgium and the Netherlands starting from just £30 each way.

A picture of Paris' city centre at sunset
The offer includes several French cities, including Paris © Feel good studio / Shutterstock

The French destinations covered in the offer are Paris, Lille, Calais, plus Brussels in Belgium. You need to buy a round trip ticket to access the offer, but the resulting price will still be a bargain starting from £60.

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You could also choose to go to either Amsterdam or Rotterdam in the Netherlands. You won’t need to buy a return ticket for these cities, and can choose to stay for as long as you like.

A picture of Amsterdam and its canals
Tickets to Amsterdam and Rotterdam are part of the promotion for Eurostar's newest direct line between the UK and the Netherlands © KavalenkavaVolha / Getty Images

These two last cities especially are part of Eurostar’s promotion plan for the launch of their newest direct route going from Amsterdam to London. Trains between the two cities are already running, of course, but, while you can go directly from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands at the moment, the same isn’t possible for the return, where a stop to Brussels is needed. With the new route coming in April 2020, travelling between London and Amsterdam will surely be a lot faster and smoother.

If you want to know more details or want to snatch your tickets, you can do so on Eurostar’s official page here.

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