Train operator Eurostar has made a number of environmental pledges to mark its 25th anniversary. One of these pledges is to plant a tree for every journey from January 2020, and another is that it will run its first ever plastic-free service from London to Paris

A woodland scene is created on the Eurostar platforms as the high-speed service marks its 25th anniversary with new environmental commitments at St Pancras Station
Eurostar will plant a tree for every train journey it runs from next year © Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Eurostar

The cross-Channel, high-speed rail service runs direct trains from London to various mainland European destinations, and it intends to plant around 20,000 trees annually for every train service that it operates across its routes. They will be planted in woodlands across the UK, FranceBelgium and the Netherlands, in partnership with the Woodland Trust, ReforestAction, and Trees for All.

A hand planting a tree in the ground
Eurostar will plant a tree for every journey from January 2020 © Phathn Sakdi Skul Phanthu / EyeEm

It will also feature plastic-free trains between London and Paris, and will instead use wooden cutlery, recyclable cans of water, glass wine bottles, paper-based coffee cups, and eco-friendly food packaging. This will eliminate single-use plastics, and these initiatives will build on its 'Tread Lightly' environmental programme, which was established in 2007 and has reduced the company's carbon footprint by over 40%.

The plastic-free service bar on Eurostar
The plastic-free buffet bar on Eurostar © Callum Baker-/Eurostar

“We have always had a strong sense of responsibility for the environment, but as the demand for sustainable travel becomes increasingly critical, we believe we can raise the bar," says Eurostar’s CEO, Mike Cooper. "With our environmental ambitions, we are providing an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to the airlines.”

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