If you have a head for heights and a sense of adventure, you may want to try out Europe's largest overhanging pool, which is being built in Spain.

Pool 3.jpg
Europe's largest overhanging pool is being built in Spain © Clavel Arquitectos Asociados

Clavel Arquitectos has built a 42-metre-long pool that cantilevers from the new Odiseo casino and leisure complex in Murcia. It has 20m of cantilever on each side and offers users stunning views over the city.

The cantilevered pool in the new building in Murcia
Users will have stunning views of the city from the pool © Clavel Arquitectos Asociados

A video has been released showing the company's founder, Manuel Clavel Rojo, being the first to try out the dramatic 42-metre pool. This follows the tradition whereby the architect takes the risk of testing his own creation.

"Once it was clear that it was going to be a very extreme structure we just pushed it a little further, to the limit, producing this really fun experience for the users of swimming in a 20 metre cantilever, second in the world and probably the slimmest as far as we know," Clavel told Dezeen.

The view of the swimming pool from underneath
The view of the pool from underneath © Clavel Arquitectos Asociados

The pool will be located within an elevated forest that will be built to a height of 30 metres. It will be enclosed by a latticework of pipes to help shade the plants, together with the sheets of water cascading from under the shade to keep them cool.

Pool 4.jpg
The pool will be located within an elevated forest © Clavel Arquitectos Asociados

The pool's large overhang actually occurred because the client decided to add it to the project once construction had begun. This meant the structure was not designed to support the weight of the pool, so a new plan was drawn up that saw it being supported over two more rigid existing elements that were strictly reinforced.

The pool is supported over two rigid elements that were strictly reinforced © Clavel Arquitectos Asociados

It is hoped that the casino will bring vitality to the city of Murcia, which was adversely impacted by the financial crisis. You can find out more about Clavel Arquitectos Asociados from its website here.

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