With the renewed interest in train travel expected to get even bigger in 2020, Eurail has added two more exciting destinations to its Global Pass.

Famous medieval buildings in old Riga city, Latvia
Use your pass to discover Riga's colourful, medieval buildings ©Sergei25/Shutterstock

As of 2 January, 2020, Eurail Global Pass holders can now enjoy unlimited rail travel across 33 countries in Europe, with this year's addition of Estonia and Latvia, according to AFAR. The all-in-one pass already includes destinations like Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Paris and London along Europe's comprehensive rail system, but with Estonia and Latvia now in the mix, travellers will be able to explore so much more of the continent.

It also means that for the first time in Eurail's 61-year-history, all three Baltic countries are accessible with the pass.

Cityscape of Tallinn, Estonia
Eurail has added Estonia and Latvia to its destinations for 2020 Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

The pass can be used on extensive domestic routes throughout Latvia with local operator Pasažieru vilciens from its main hub in Riga, while Estonian operator Elron will connect pass passengers the pastel-hued capital city Tallinn to popular destinations such as Tartu, Viljandi and Rakvere.

In addition, Eurail Pass holders can enjoy discounted ferry travel from Riga to Stockholm and Germany, or from Tallinn to Stockholm and Helsinki, with savings of up to 50% discount on international ferry connections. 

The Eurail Pass serves as an all-in-one, unlimited ticket for all train routes run by participating operators throughout Europe. What this means is passengers can hop on and hop off at any time and move around the continent with greater flexibility and ease.

The cobbled streets of St Catherine's Passage in Tallinn
Explore Tallinn's cobbled streets and pastel-hued buildings with the Eurail Pass Angel Villalba/Getty Images

There are a few options when it comes to tickets. The Continuous Pass allows for unlimited travel over a period of time that can range from 15 days, while the Flexi Pass allows for three, five or seven days of unlimited travel within a one-month period. You can decide which pass is right for your trip here.

The Eurail Global Pass is only available for non-European citizens and residents. Europeans must purchase the Interrail Pass instead.

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