German manufacturer Elektro Frosch specialises in environmentally-friendly electric scooters and miniature “tricycle” vans that are designed to be reliable, powerful and eye-catching. Now, the company has unveiled a camping model of its popular e-van that allows users to sleep beneath the stars. 

Elektrofrosch camper
The e-van with camper © Elektro Frosch

Designed for outdoor lovers, the vehicle features a roof-top tent that pops out and mounts to the trailer on the back over a two-person bed. The structure has a small ladder attached to the back, allowing campers to climb into the sleeping compartment. It also has a kitchen that is expandable, and comes complete with a stove, a compartment for seasoning, cutlery, dishes and a small dining table. Users can pack up what they need in the bed of the trailer and take it out for an adventure. The trailers are capable of carrying a load of up to 525 kilos.

Camper Kitchen
The camper comes with an expandable kitchen © Elektro Frosch

“The camping version was created as we thought about our customers and how they use the pickup. We wanted to create something really unique. A vehicle that people can use not only at work but also on the weekends, for their fishing trips and such. Roof tents are truly great. You can convert any car into a camper. And we wanted to do that for our electric pickup as well. Together with the sunroof and full-featured mobile kitchen, you'll get everything you need for your camping trip,” a representative of Elektro Frosch told Lonely Planet.

Camper Folded
The sleeping compartment folds down into the back © Elektro Frosch

The vehicle has a range of 60km, with a top speed of 40 km per hour and a recharge time of six to eight hours, something that the company says helps users appreciate travel in a different way.

“The reaction [has been] good. People smile at it, as it looks so small, but when it comes to the facts, people tend to find it interesting. There is one customer who plans to go all the way from northern Germany down to south Italy with this camper in 60km sections. This is really slowed down tourism. It lets you discover the country in way more intense way instead of if you would just rush through,” the company said. 

There are two versions available, the “Big”, which comes with and open cabin and costs €3990 and the “Pro”, which has a closed cabin, a USB charge port and heating for €4990. The company delivers in Germany for €199 and works individually with customers outside the country wishing to organise delivery.

More information is available at the official Elektro Frosch website

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