Packing the essentials before a trip can be stressful, especially with escalating airline prices for checked luggage. So whether it’s to benefit your pocket or just to give you a sense of breathing space, it can pay to take less with you. With that in mind, one company has just unveiled a self-cleaning t-shirt that makes it easier than ever to free up some space and travel light.

t shirt self cleaning.jpeg
The Apollo Travel T-Shirt from HercLéon © HercLéon

Created by HercLéon, the Apollo Travel T-Shirt is made with a special material that they have named HercFibér that includes copper fibres, beech-fibres and spandex. According to the company, the clothing is stain resistant, self-cleaning, extra lightweight, moisture–wicking, and has a level of softness similar to silk. The t-shirts are also mould and odour resistant and offer UV protection, while they have been designed to be sweat-, wrinkle- and shrink-resistant and quick-drying. Available in navy blue, grey and black, they are aimed at hikers, campers, frequent business travellers and those wishing to make more eco-friendly choices.

Self Cleaning T Shirt.jpeg
The t-shirts are made with a material that eliminates odours © HercLéon

“The t-shirt was inspired by a love of travel and a hate of luggage and the fees involved. We wanted to find a way that would allow people to travel for weeks with just a backpack. We were also conscious of pollution and making choices that benefit the environment. A good way to reduce our waste is to reduce our need to wash our clothes, and by doing this we’ll have clothes that look better and lasts for longer,” Wes from HercLéon told Lonely Planet.

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The t-shirts come in navy blue, black and grey © HercLéon

The science behind the Apollo Travel T-Shirt is based around the chosen material’s ability to kill the growth of odour-causing bacteria. “In the future, we’ll release more style options for casual, working professional and fitness settings. Our goal is to replace your closet with self-cleaning clothes so you don’t have to do laundry when you’re at home or when you’re travelling,” Wes said.

The Apollo Travel T-Shirt is currently being funded on Kickstarter. More information is available at the official website

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