If you like your seafood as fresh as possible, then this new tour in Australia is tailor-made for you. After all, what’s fresher than eating oysters as you sit in the sea?

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This tour allows you to eat oysters while out in the sea. Image: Courtesy of Oyster Farm Tours

The town of Coffin Bay, located in southern Australia on the Eyre Peninsula, has long been considered the “Australian seafood hotspot,” and Oyster Farm Tours will let you experience it in the most authentic way possible, with packages that they describe as true “seafood extravaganzas”.

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Pacific and Angasi are the two varieties of oysters served on the tour. Image: Courtesy of Oyster Farm Tours

Visitors will dress up in waterproof waders and warm hats, since oysters are at their best during the winter, and then the Oyster Farmer himself will guide them out to the “Salt Water Pavilion,” a semi-submerged serving table sitting right on top of a working oyster lease.

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The Salt Water Pavilion is where guests will taste the oysters. Image: Courtesy of Oyster Farm Tours

Guests will learn how oysters grow and how they’re farmed and the history of the Coffin Bay area. They will be shown how to properly shuck them, and of course, they will get to taste them, sitting right there in the Great Australian Bight. The varieties grown by Oyster Farm Tours are Pacific and Angasi oysters, and they will all be served with a glass of chilled white wine.

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Learning how to properly shuck oysters is also part of the tour. Image: Courtesy of Oyster Farm Tours

“When the world is your oyster, Coffin Bay is the pearl,” states Oyster Farm Tours’ motto, and they have prepared three different packages to truly let visitors experience that. The “Ultimate Seafood Escape” includes a two-day stay in Coffin Bay, while the “Oyster Farm & Tasting” tour is the most popular, lasting one-and-a-half hours out at sea. And if you’re visiting Australia during its summer, there’s something for you as well – the “Seafood Tasting Tour” will bring you out to the Salt Water Pavilion all the same, where you’ll be able to try a whole variety of seafood.

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The Farm sits right on an active oyster lease. Image: Courtesy of Oyster Farm Tours

Oyster Farm Tours also takes care of arranging transfers to and from the nearest city, Port Lincoln, which is also a landing port for cruise ships – cruisers are always welcome to take one of the shortest tours, which will ensure they return back to their ship on time!

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"it's a seafood extravaganza!" Image: Courtesy of Oyster Farm Tours

For more information and for booking a tour with the Oyster Farm, please visit their website here.

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