Hiking fans may find it easier to tackle the vast network of hiking trails in Dominica thanks to a new official trail hiker’s logbook and passport that has been issued by Discover Dominica Authority.

A view of a waterfall and forest in Dominica
A new official trail hiker’s logbook and passport that has been issued in Dominica © Discover Dominica Authority

Nicknamed ‘the nature island,' Dominica lies south of Guadeloupe and north of Martinique in the eastern Caribbean. It lures independent travellers and eco-adventurers with its boiling lake, rainforest-shrouded volcanoes, sulfurous hot springs, superb diving and the Caribbean's first long-distance hiking trail. Most trails traverse through diverse natural habitats such as rainforest, montane thicket or elfin woodland, and there are some to suit all interests and levels of ability. 

A hiking trail in Dominica
Dominica has a number of great hiking trails © Discover Dominica Authority

Because Dominica’s hikes are all very different and have their own unique challenges, each is given a score against the various categories listed in the hike passport.  These ratings are simply meant as indicators to help hikers make hiking choices, as the indicator provides details on the level of difficulty. The Government of Dominica has invested in the restoration of various hiking trails, reconstruction and refurbishment of structures on or near the trail.

The cover of the Dominica hiking logbook and passport
The hike passports are free of charge © Discover Dominica Authority

The hiking trails are free of charge and further information on how they can be obtained can be found here.

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