Dogs are a treasure to us all always, and even more so when they’re bravely exploring the Arctic regions of our planet like they do in Alicja Zmysłowska’s photo series. “My aim is to shoot emotional landscapes, capture emotions, create a connection between dog and nature,” she told Lonely Planet News. “I want to put the dog inside the landscape and not just next to it.”

The Poland-based photographer has worked on her Craving Miracles series for three years, taking pictures of her own pet, border collie Ciri, and other adventurous dogs in various Arctic or sub-Arctic locations like Norway, Iceland and Alaska. “The name of this project means that these places and connections are like miracles for me, miracles that I really crave and need and want to show,” Alicja continued. The natural liveliness of the dogs makes for a striking contrast with the stillness of the landscape and creates the pictures you can see in the gallery down below.

You can also follow Alicja on her Instagram page here.

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