A new craft beer hotel in Ohio has rooms that come with taps and a built-in shower beer fridge – and enough other perks for brew-lovers that you may decide to never leave your room.


BrewDog, a craft beer company that originated in Scotland, is opening its new hotel, the DogHouse, at its brewery in Columbus, Ohio. The DogHouse is described as the “world’s first hotel to offer guests a night’s stay inside a brewery”.

Travel News - 1534841971BrewmasterSuite1
Inside the Brewmaster's Suite.

Once guests walk through the door, they won’t find a reception desk, they’ll find a lobby bartender who will serve them a free beer while they check in. While brewery tours are available all around the world, at the DogHouse guests are actually able to watch brewers at work from their room. But if you’re less interested in watching how beer gets made and more interested in drinking it, each of the 32 rooms has its own beer tap and a built-in shower beer fridge. (Four of the rooms are also dog-friendly and have access to the hotel’s dog park).

Travel News - 1534838553ShowerBeerFridge2
Inside the shower beer fridge.

Should you want an educational component to your stay, there are plenty of ways to learn more about brewing. There’s a new on-site, 6000-square-foot interactive beer museum. There, visitors can learn about the history of craft beer, the brewing process, and a “hands-on experience” of the ingredients used to make craft beer.

Travel News - 1534838549LobbyNeon2
Hang out in the lounge of the hotel.

The hotel has become a reality after a crowd-funding campaign that was launched back in March 2017. More than 1000 people backed the campaign to raise more than US$300,000 (€258,595) for the hotel. Those who contributed to funding the project had first access for bookings, but now reservations are available for the public.

Travel News - 1534838378Exterior
The exterior of the DogHouse.

But if you don’t have plans to make it to Ohio any time soon, there is good news: a second DogHouse hotel coming to the brewery’s headquarters in Ellon, Scotland, and is scheduled to open in 2019.

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