With the rise of the “digital nomad”, many people around the world can now work from pretty much anywhere. This has led to many companies and businesses creating interesting spaces that facilitate work and social life in interesting and unique ways. One such example is Selina, a hotel chain with co-working spaces that has proven a big hit in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Greece and Mexico.

Selina Nosara's co-working space in Costa Rica
Selina includes co-working spaces in many of its locations around the world © Selina

With over 60 properties around the world, the chain has hotels in urban spaces, on beaches and even in mountains and jungles. As well as staying, visitors to Selina hotels can take part in a number of activities. At the location in Costa Rica’s Montes de Oro, a 65-acre event space is dedicated to yoga workshops, music and arts festivals and farm-to-table dining experiences, while a “stay and play” initiative allowing guests to trade skills useful to the local community for their time there. With many locations close to prime surf spots, guests can also take part in surf lessons, as well as renting any gear that they may need during their time there.

selina cancun's stylish area
A chillout area in Selina Cancun © Selina

Another feature that’s proven popular is the chain’s co-working spaces around the world, a good option for people that need an office space while on the go. You can choose from a number of different packages, from a $5 hot desk option in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to a monthly dedicated desk in Medellín, Colombia for $158.

A group of young people laughing and relaxing
Visitors and guests can take part in diverse activities and social gatherings © Selina

“Our aim is to enable people to move freely with their lives and livelihoods wherever and whenever the seasons take them. To make it easy for travellers to connect with others, no matter where they are in the world. Our global presence enables us to meet guests, neighbours and wanderers in hundreds of locations across four continents and be a beacon for travellers who want a unique experience no matter where the journey takes them,” Selina told Lonely Planet.

According to the hotel, one of the things people love most about the properties is the social interaction between guests and visitors, with the activities and spaces making it easy to strike up a conversation.

Two people carrying surf boards smile for the camera while walking
Many locations offer surf lessons and gear rental © Selina

More information on Selina is available at the official website.

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