The dilapidated Michigan Central Station is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and stands guard over Detroit's Corktown neighbourhood. The imposing Beaux-Arts building has been vacant since the 1980s and has long been subject to vandalism but this Halloween it will open to the public as it's reimagined as a pop-up haunted house.

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Michigan Central Station will open its doors as a pop-up haunted house this Halloween.

The Detroit station has been abandoned since 1988, after the last Amtrak train pulled out of its main terminal. It fell into a dilapidated state and has starred as a gritty and derelict backdrop to films such as Eminem's 8 Mile, Transformers and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The once-doomed station was bought by Ford Motor Company this summer and the motor giant plans to redevelop the space as an "innovation hub". The company also plans to revitalise the Grand Hall with local retail and restaurants. Before the ambitious project gets underway, it's opening its doors for one night only this Halloween as a haunted house.

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Michigan Central Station.

The exact date of the haunted house has not been revealed but a decision is expected later this week, according to the Detroit Free Press. Ford Motor Company Fund, who provides community services to the area, will fund the project. The haunted house will take place on the building's first floor. It will be free of charge to the public and the company expects a large turnout, although priority access will be given to local residents.

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Ford Motor Company plans to completely revitalise the area.

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