Travelling with a pet in the hold of a plane is always a worry for owners, so they may be reassured by the news that Delta has introduced an innovative travel carrier to make the journey easier.

A dog sitting beside a Carepod
The CarePod pet travel carrier will be offered at eight US airports © Delta

The CarePod pet travel carrier underwent five years of research, development and testing, and it will now be offered at eight US airports: Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York JFK and LaGuardia, San Francisco and West Palm Beach. It has several innovative safety features to improve the air travel experience for pets, including industrial strength walls that are insulated to protect pets against potential temperature fluctuations when moving between different climates and travel conditions. It also has multi-layered windows and doors with specially angled blinds to help to create a calming environment for pets by blocking out visual stress from unfamiliar environments.

A puppy lying on the floor of the airport
Pet-owners worry about traveling with their pets © Eva Blanco / EyeEm / Getty Images

There is a built-in hydration system in the pod that will hold up to a litre of water, and it will automatically replenish the spill-proof water bowl to ensure the pets always have easy access to fresh water. Owners will be reassured by a powerful GPS tracking and monitoring system that connects the pod directly to the specialised Delta Cargo Control Center, which is permanently managed 24 hours per day all year round by trained experts. They supervise and digitally monitor every CarePod pet journey from beginning to end, with the expertise and authority to send out the right staff on the ground to check on the pet if needed.

CarePod Features Infographic
The CarePod is designed to make the pet's journey easier © Delta

Connectivity enables owners to use the internet to view their pet’s key travel updates throughout their entire journey via The airline has specially trained ground handlers who take care of pets at every step of their journey, and it also has temperature-controlled holding areas and vehicles in numerous locations and overnight kennelling services. The CarePod can be booked by visiting between three and thirteen days prior to departure or by calling Delta’s Cargo Customer Service Center.

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