The trailer for the new David Attenborough series, 'Seven Worlds, One Planet', manages to take us all around the world in just four minutes and ten seconds. The incredible footage has been filmed on all seven continents of the world and gives a very exciting glimpse of what’s to come in the series, which will premiere Sunday, 27 October on BBC. 

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Sir David Attenborough has a new series coming out © BBC

From Asia’s expansive archipelagos to the otherworldly deserts of Africa, 'Seven Worlds, One Planet', brings a riot of colour and activity from each continent to our screens. The programme will bring the continents' characters to life through the diverse wildlife and landscapes endemic to each.

When introducing the new programme, Attenborough said: “the ocean covers two-thirds of this planet of ours, the land only covers one third of the globe. There are seven great continents on which we human beings live. Each of them has its own marvellous creatures – birds and mammals, animals of all kinds.

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Spectacular rock formations in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia © Afriandi/Getty Images

The beloved narrator announced the new series earlier this summer while on stage at Glastonbury (is there anything he can’t do!?), delighting festival revellers with a sneak peek of the trailer, which features music by Sia and Hans Zimmer. During the talk on stage, Attenborough revealed that he has been working with the BBC on this programme for the last four years. He hopes 'Seven Worlds, One Planet' will have a similar positive impact as his previous series, 'Blue Planet', by informing the audience how our actions can affect the world we live in.

This article was originally published on 21 July, 2019 and updated on 21 October, 2019. 

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