If you want to take it really easy on your next holiday, then nothing sounds more relaxing than spending your days watching sloths at a luxury resort in Costa Rica.

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See sloths up close at this Costa Rican resort.

Nayara Resorts, an opulent getaway located near Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano, has opened a sloth sanctuary to provide a home for the notoriously slow-moving animals. Originally the area had just one or two sloths, but the resort planted 300 Cecropia trees – the sloth’s main food source – which caused the number of sloths to grow to 12.

According to the resort, the animal’s natural habitat has been lost through human encroachment, and the sanctuary is intended to help protect the sloths from both humans and predators. Luckily, guests at Nayara Springs and its sister resort Nayara Resort, Spa & Gardens, are close enough that they can watch the quiet animals in the treetops. In addition to becoming a home for sloths, the sanctuary has also attracted birds, reptiles and amphibians, so guests can see everything from colourful macaws, to tree frogs and hummingbirds during their stay.

Travel News - sloth costa rica
See sloths up close at this Costa Rican resort.

If a luxury trip with loveable sloths sounds like your ideal holiday, Nayara Resorts is a five-star resort located on 15-acres of gardens and rainforest that overlooks the Arenal Volcano, the third most active in the world. Villas at the hotel feature private pools fed by mineral hot springs and a private garden with an exterior shower.

Costa Rica is famous as an eco- and adventure-tourism destination, where travellers can explore the rainforests, beaches and volcanoes that cover the country. Learn more about Costa Rica's best bird and wildlife watching spots here.

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