More and more people around the world are embracing non-traditional ways of living, with travel-loving creatives coming up with interesting and clever ways to marry freedom with comfort. One such example is Drew Simms, a nature-loving photographer who recently converted his Jeep into a stunning, practical home on wheels.

Drew's white Jeep Wrangler set up in a desert
Drew converted his soft-top Jeep Wrangler into a multi-functional home on wheels © Drew Simms

The 24-year old freelance photographer and filmmaker has been living out of his 2013 Jeep Wrangler for one year and two months. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, three years ago Drew took a trip to Utah that inspired him to embrace the freedom of life on the open road. Since then, he has driven over 18,000 miles, exploring the great outdoors of the United States of America.

The view from inside the sleeping compartment of the Jeep
The Jeep has two sleeping options depending on weather © Drew Simms

While he was finishing his last two years in college, he saved his money from working, making a plan for when his course would be complete. A year before he set off, he put over 250 hours of work into converting the interior and exterior of the Jeep, changing it from a basic soft-top to a rugged, reliable all-terrain movable home.

The Jeep driving through a beautiful desert in the USA
Drew has been living in the vehicle for over one year now © Drew Simms

Drew recently shared an in-depth YouTube video outlining how he has converted his Jeep into a home that allows him to travel full-time. The impressive customisation saw him outfitting the vehicle with two sleeping options – a three-person rooftop tent for warmer weather and a mattress in the back for when he's in colder climates. The Jeep also has a wardrobe, a tank for fresh water, camera and gear storage, a reliable deep-cycle battery, a fridge and food cabinets and a kitchen setup with a cutting board and a grill that slides out of the back of the vehicle.

“I get a lot of messages from people saying they wish they could do what I am doing. In reality, anyone can do it. There really is never a perfect time to start chasing something you are passionate about. Leading up to the trip I knew nothing about cars or camping or woodworking or how to even start prepping for living out of my Jeep. But I love to learn and love embracing change head on. The road has its ups and down and it’s not always perfect days, but the things you sacrifice by living on the road and those low moments never seem to matter when the good moments hit, and trust me when I say the road has led to some pretty great moments,” Drew told Lonely Planet.

The kitchen area and storage facilities in the Jeep
The kitchen area and storage facilities in the Jeep © Drew Simms

More information on Drew’s work is available at his Instagram page and official website.

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