Rome's awe-inspiring Colosseum, one of the world's most famous classical monuments, is raising its ticket prices by a third from November.

Crowd of visitors outside the Colosseum on a sunny day
Rome is raising the price of entry to the Colosseum archaeological park ©Belenos/Shutterstock

Following the footsteps of Ancient Rome's gladiators is set to become more expensive by 1 November with Colosseum entry prices rising by €4 (US$4.40). The basic entry ticket to the colossal wonder will rise from €12 (US$13) to €16 (US$18), according to the official ticket seller Coopculture. And the ticket that includes access to the arena floor and spectator levels will also increase from €14 (US$15) to €18 (US$20).

The tickets will still include entry to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. However, while combined tickets are currently valid for two consecutive days, from November under the new system, the basic ticket is only valid for one day. If visitors want to spread out their sightseeing tour, they'll have to purchase the more expensive €18 ticket.

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Views of the Roman Forum and Colosseum in sunlight, from the base of the Campidoglio
Archaeological wonders in the Roman Forum ©Geoff Stringer/Lonely Planet

Entry to the Colosseum will remain unchanged (read: free) for those under-18 and will remain just €2 (US$2.20) for 18-25 year olds from the European Union (and non-EU countries "on condition of reciprocity").

Last year Colosseum Archaeological Park launched a combined ticket known as SUPER (Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome) offering access to seven sites in Palatine Hill which were normally closed to the public, or accessible only through guided visits or special exhibitions. Sites include Criptoportico Neroniano, Museo Palatino (Palatine Museum), Aula Isiaca - Loggia Mattei (Isiaca Hall with Mattei Lodge), Casa di Augusto (House of Augustus), Casa di Livia (House of Livia), Tempio di Romolo (Temple of Romulus) and Santa Maria Antiqua.

Crumbling red and green frescoes on the walls of the House of Augustus in Rome
The House of Augustus on the Palatino Hill in the Ancient Roman Forum ©Stefano Montesi - Corbis/Corbis via Getty.

The SUPER sites will be included in a new "Full Experience" ticket also launching in November. It will cost €22 (US$24) per adult and, in addition to SUPER sites, it will give customers access to the Colosseum (including the arena floor), Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and will be valid for two consecutive days.

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