A town in Arkansas just got a colorful new landmark in the form of something you wouldn’t really expect to be remarkable - a gas pump.

A detail of the gas pump, with a pattern of black and white stripes and yellow polka dots
Fort Smith's newest attraction is a vibrant pop art-style gas pump © Camille Walala / Justkids

The creative house Justkids enlisted the help of French multidisciplinary artist Camille Walala to take over an entire gas station in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The result is the Walala Pump & Go, with its striking colours and geometric patterns that highlight the existing structure while turning it into something completely unique.

The sign of the Walala Pump&Go, painted black on yellow
Camille Walala is currently focusing on larger scale projects just like the Walala Pump & Go © Camille Walala / Justkids

“I love this canvas,” said artist Camille Walala. “It was exciting to do something really bold that stands out on a bigger scale”. The gas pump, which now sports her signature pop-art style and vibrant colours, was created in just a week with the help of a group of volunteers - most of them Fort Smith locals. “It has been an amazing execution of the project,” continued Walala.

The kaleidoscopic sculptures right on Boston’s waterfront

The creation of the Walala Pump & Go happened within The Unexpected art event, which Justkids has been organising in Fort Smith for the past five years to enrich the cityscape and bring novelty to the community. “I learned that a big part of good place-making is creating community and a sense of rediscovery of the beauty that is there in the city all along,” said Justkids curator Charlotte Dutoit. “And Camille’s work does just that”.

An overview of the entire Walala Pump&Go with all its details
The objective for Justkids is to create "welcoming social spaces" © Camille Walala / Justkids

If you’d like to see more of Camille Walala’s works, you can do so at her website here, while you can follow the Justkids projects on their page here.

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