London cocktail bar The Alchemist Old Street has launched a ‘De Ja Brew’ cocktail-leaf reading experience, because if you’re going to find out what your future holds, it’s probably best to have a drink in hand.  

A pair of hands holding a white cup with tea leaves in the bottom next to an open book
Head into 2020 armed with a hangover and the knowledge of what your future holds © The Alchemist

Already famed for theatrical cocktails and immersive boozy experiences, The Alchemist will have professional tea-leaf reader Gail Hart to host ‘cocktail-leaf reading’ sessions every Wednesday evening for the next six weeks. Cocktail-lovers who are curious about what their future might hold (apart from a hangover) will have their fortunes told from a specially-created cocktail with an exact ‘liquid to tea leaf ratio’. The sessions cost £15 (€17) and include the De Ja Brew cocktail as well as a 15-minute reading from Gail.

The warmly-lit interior of The Alchemist cocktail bar on Old Street, London
Cosy up in The Alchemist for a tea-leaf reading with a boozy twist © The Alchemist

Tea-leaf reading, also known as the art of Tasseography was brought over to Europe in the 17th century when Dutch merchants brought over tea from China. Chinese fortune tellers are said to have discovered tea-leaf reading after spotting recurring patterns and shapes left by tea leaves and began interpreting them as prophecies for the past, present and future and has been a popular divination practice ever since. 

If you want to head into 2020 armed with knowing your future (if you can remember what Gail said after knocking back all those cocktails), you can book via the Alchemist’s website. Group booking are also possible.

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