An Australian company has released a brand new package that brings guests on an epic climbing adventure along Sydney Harbour Bridge before they are brought to wine and dine at a high-end restaurant of their choosing. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night seen from Bennelong
Participants will scale Sydney Harbour Bridge before dining in a high end restaurant © Fink Partnership via BridgeClimb

Released by BridgeClimb Sydney, the BridgeClimb Pinnacle Package sees participants scaling the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge before dining in style overlooking the arches from a prime seat at either Quay or Bennelong restaurant. Open to couples, friends and groups of up to 80, the partnership between the restaurants and the adventure company allow for a unique night out in the city. Experiences are available at dawn, daytime, twilight and at night, and participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climbing experience.jpg
The experience can cater for a group of up to 80 people © Fink Partnership via BridgeClimb

Those who book the package will be given a complimentary framed photo, exclusive reservation access and the choice of a three-course menu at Bennelong and six or ten dishes at Quay, all curated by executive chef Peter Gilmore.

The menus at Quay and Bennelong change according to the seasons. Bennelong’s sample menu includes wagyu tartare, fermented chilli paste, cultured grains, mushrooms, seaweed and egg yolk, and cherry jam lamington for dessert. The six- or ten-course menu at Quay may include osetra caviar, smoked eel, walnuts, sea cucumber crackling, smoked pig jowl, black lipped abalone, shiitake, fan shell clams, and Peter Gilmore’s celebrated dessert, white coral.

Bennelong Sydney.jpg
Inside Sydney's Bennelong © Brett Stevens / Fink Partnership via BridgeClimb

“Scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a bucket list experience for so many, as is dining at Quay or Bennelong,” said BridgeClimb CEO Chris Zulmwalt. “The package is designed to be the perfect interplay of adventure and fine dining. It might be for a special occasion, sure, or just for someone who loves Sydney and is looking to spend a dream afternoon on the harbour.” Packages start from AUS$500 (€308) per person.

More information is available at the official BridgeClimb website.

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