Ride-hailing apps such as Uber are synonymous with cheap and efficient travel but there are still some cities in the world where it's cheaper to hail a traditional taxi.

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In some cities around the world, it's cheaper to hail a traditional taxi over an Uber, according to a new report ©Getty

If you're zipping around a new and unfamiliar city, you might assume that it's cheaper to get from A to B with an Uber. As the biggest ride-hailing app in the world, it offers competitive fares and a user-friendly app but it's not always the cheapest option.

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for example, Uber is becoming increasingly popular and even has a special feature that lets female drivers select a preference for female-only riders. But opting for a taxi over an Uber in the Saudi capital is cheaper and will save you £3.22 ($4.15) per km. Elsewhere, in New York, it's cheaper to flag down a yellow cab by about £0.43 ($0.55) per km. And in Milan, taxis also cost less (£0.82/ $1.06 per km) than an Uber.

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In New York, it's cheaper to flag down a yellow cab over an Uber according to a new report ©Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/Shutterstock

This is according to a report from Globehunters, who examined the cost per km of riding with Uber compared to hailing a taxi in 55 of the world's most visited cities to see where savings can be made by choosing one mode of transport over the other. It found that Lisbon, Porto, Madrid and Seoul are other big cities where it's cheaper to get a taxi.

However, only 11 cities were found to offer taxis cheaper than the ride-hailing service. In Athens and Istanbul, prices are the same. While in Cancun choosing Uber over a traditional taxi will save you £1.27 ($1.64) per km; in Amsterdam, £1.03 ($1.33) per km, in Munich; £0.90 ($1.16); in Toronto £0.73 ($0.94); in Sydney £0.42 ($0.54) and in Los Angeles it's marginally cheaper at £0.35 ($0.45) per km.

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In Sydney, opting for an Uber over a taxi will save you money ©xavierarnau/Getty

In London it's also cheaper to hail an Uber, by about £0.99 ($1.28) per km; though a decision last month by the capital's transport authority to reject the ride-hailing firm's application to renew its licence has put its long-term prospects in doubt. 

Want to see where more savings can be made when it comes to transport? See here for Globehunter's full list.

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