It's at this time of year that China’s incredible red wildflower beach turns a vibrant shade of red, which is always a huge attraction for nature-lovers. Red Beach is located in Panjin in northeast China, and it gets its name because it is carpeted in a native seepweed that turns a deep crimson shade each September and October.

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Red Beach is located in Panjin in northeast China © STR/AFP via Getty Images

Although it's a beach, there is no sand to be found there, and it is located in the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world. The crimson hue is due to a plant called Suaeda salsa, which starts growing in April and May, turning from light green to jade to bright red. While it might not necessarily apply to everyone this year due to travel restrictions, visitors can see the flowers up close via a wooden path built across the marshland.

Most of the 18-km-long Red Beach is closed to the public and it was granted state-level protection in 1988. The area is a wetland and covered in reeds and paddy rice fields, and it is also home to 399 species of wild animals and more than 260 types of birds, including endangered crown cranes and black beaked gulls. With the red wildflowers adding another layer of interest, it's wonderful place of interest for visitors to enjoy natural beauty.

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Visitors can admire the flowers from a wooden path © AFP/AFP/GettyImages

Thanks to the vibrant crimson hue of the plants, the area is a great location for photography and highly Instagrammable. There is also an option to take a boat trip through the red fields to capture the beauty around you.

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