Amid intense media interest, a new type of accommodation offering is getting Ukrainians very excited; the country's very first love hotel designed to fulfil guests' fantasies. Cherry Twins has been open for just three weeks but has already made a name for itself as one of Kyiv's most unusual hotels.

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The Queen's Boudoir. Image by Cherry Twins

Founder Elena Soloviova spoke to Lonely Planet and explained that it was Ukraine itself that inspired her to set up the country’s first love hotel. “In Europe love hotels number several thousand, in Japan there are 27,000, in Ukraine none. Everything that concerns the topic of sex in Ukraine is very taboo. We have almost no sexual education, 75% of married couples are divorced in the third year of family life.”

In contrast, she says Cherry Twins “is designed to show that embodying their sexual fantasies is normal. You need to discuss your desires with a partner, do not be shy about your fantasies. It is natural. We created a territory for the embodiment of erotic fantasies for couples.”

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The rooms are designed to fulfil different sexual fantasies. Photo by Cherry Twins

There are seven rooms available, each designed to appeal to different fantasies and themes include a gothic tower, a doctor’s office, a school room and even a dungeon. Each one comes with an array of furniture and toys to use, which the hotel assures are sterilised after each stay.

In traditional love hotel style, rooms can be rented for just a portion of a night, starting at three-hour period. Guests can pay for every additional hour or a full night’s stay (from 9pm to 9am) will cost between 5000 and 6000 hryvnia (€150 to €180).

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Elena sees the hotel as a chance for couples to experiment. Photo by Cherry Twins

While guests may book in to live out their wildest fantasies, there are some rules they must abide by. Despite the age of consent in Ukraine being 16, guests must be at least 21 years of age. You can also have complete anonymity by wearing masks or veils upon entering the hotel.

There has been huge interest in the hotel since it was announced it was opening and has been featured more than 100 times in national media. While it’s only been open since 17 March, Elena estimates that 70% of their guests so far are Ukrainian, proving the country is intrigued by the concept.

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The love hotel even has a doctor's office. Photo by Cherry Twins

Bookings for Cherry Twins are open now online.

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