An exciting new cafe in Mumbai, India is redefining how we use cardboard by utilising the versatile material to create trendy and durable interiors. 

Travel News - Cardboard Mumbai
Cardboard is a new cafe in Mumbai made almost entirely from recyclable cardboard.

The bustling business district of Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai is known for its high-end, fine-dining restaurants, but new cafe, Cardboard, is something of an upstart in the area; focusing on coffee and globally-inspired casual bites with an interior that's inviting passersby to take a second look.

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The cardboard is finished with a wax treatment to protect it against heat and humidity.

The restaurant’s interiors - from the curved wall to the light fixtures and seating to menu cards - are created from recyclable cardboard. Designed by Mumbai-based architectural firm Nudes, the team aimed to "think outside the box" and push boundaries by playing around with cardboard's many sculptural and textural forms. One of the highlights is a wall of billowing circular panels that lend a soothing wave-like effect to the cafe. 

Travel News - Cardboard Mumbai
Bright and soothing interiors.

Cardboard [the cafe] was set up by siblings Bhavna and Yung Dhanani, creators of Bandra’s BAD Cafe, in partnership with Vishal Shetty and Shilpa Tulaskar of Thyme & Reason Hospitality. They say they're working to "bring a difference" to the district with their new venture and by teaming with Nudes and focusing on creative cardboard interiors, they've created a space that feels both like an installation and an experience.

Travel News - Cardboard Mumbai
The menu is rich with South Indian influences.

It's also a great place to get coffee and a bite to eat. Visitors can expect soulful and nourishing meals using local ingredients with playful, subtle South Indian influences from the kitchen helmed by Yung, such as eggs topped with southern curry and served with toast and roast potatoes. The menu offers plenty of vegan options and a large selection of coffees made with beans sourced from plantations in South India and freshly roasted especially for Cardboard.

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