Travellers looking to be immersed in the incredible scenery of Capri have a new reason to think about the environment – the idyllic Italian island will start fining people €500 for using single-use plastic, including travellers who bring it along on their holidays.

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Capri island will fine tourists for bringing plastic.

The island, located in the Gulf of Naples, is famous for its high-end celebrity visitors and its dazzlingly blue waters. With shores around the world being increasingly plagued by plastic waste like straws and cutlery, it’s not a surprise that the island wants to cut back on the amount of single-use plastics used by locals and the million of travellers who come each year.

The ban is in effect as of this month, and will apply to items like cutlery and dishes that are not made of biodegradable plastic, with the €500 fine looming over those travellers who do not obey, reports EFE. While this is a strong move, the entire European Union will implement such a ban in 2021, meaning Capri is just ahead of the game when it comes to discouraging plastic use. According to the Independent, local shopkeepers won’t even be able to sell single-use plastic items and will have to get rid of these items in the next 90 days.

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Capri is banning single-use plastic.

This isn’t the only rule you’ll need to remember if you head to Italy on your next holiday. Travellers heading to the famed Cinque Terre need to skip the flip-flips and opt for some sensible shoes – or get hit with a fine of up to €2500. Though that may seem steep, the colourful stretch of coast is a popular walk, but there is some rough terrain. Many travellers have attempted the route wearing shoes better suited for the beach, leading to accidents and injuries. Historic cities like Rome and Florence have also made headlines for bringing in bans on things like eating in the street.

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