Egypt’s capital of Cairo has been credited with being the city where you can squeeze the most out of your holiday funds, according to a new study from The website said that taking prices for food, drink, transport, accommodation, tours and attractions into account, Cairo rang in at just £42 for a day’s worth of exploring. The city was also named the second cheapest in the world for entertainment, after Manila in the Philippines.

Travel News - Cairo market
Lamp/lantern shop in the Khan El Khalili market, Cairo. Photo by: Merydolla/Shutterstock

Cairo’s budget appeal isn’t the only reason more travellers are headed here, and Egypt was ranked as the fastest growing tourist destination in 2017, with a 55% increase in visitors from the previous year, and tourists from the US are expected to make up a growing segment of this upturn. The eternal pull of the Pyramids of Giza, the labyrinthine lanes of the enchanting Khan Al Khalili Market and the soon-to-open Grand Egyptian Museum are proof enough that Cairo is worth more than a 24-hour stopover, but it’s also easier than ever to visit. A brand new airport has opened near the Pyramids, and travellers can now purchase visas online in advance.

And it’s not just Cairo that’s kind to the wallet. Lonely Planet named Egypt’s southern Nile Valley as its best value destination to visit in 2019.

Travel News - Ramesseum, Luxor
Ramesseum in Luxor, Egypt. Photo by: Waj/Shutterstock

Other cities in the study’s top five ranking include Mexico City, Antalya in Turkey, Buenos Aires and Mumbai, India. On the other side of the coin, the cities where you could spend the most per hour were Las Vegas (£22), Toronto (£13), Reykjavik (£12), St Petersburg (£12) and New York City (£11).

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