If you’re planning your next holiday and are looking for an easy way to keep your travels on a budget and have fun without breaking the bank, you’ll be happy to know there’s a new tool that might come in really handy.

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Travel budgeting isn't always easy, but there's a new tool that is going to help © Sirinarth Mekvorawuth / EyeEm

The UK-based Starling Bank has put together a new price-comparing tool that will help you stay on budget in a very simple way - by letting you see how much you can do and eat and experience in the major tourist cities around the world for £100 (US$123).

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Chile's capital Santiago is one of the best destinations to get the most out of your money © Digital Bank Sterling

The way it works is with a basket, to which you add whatever you might want to do in the city of your choice, which the tool presents to you divided into categories - meals, tourist attractions, transportation, accommodation. Say you want to go to Rome and visit five of the main tourist attractions while staying in a budget hotel and travel on public transportation - according to the budgeting too, you’re already at £85 (US$105), so you’ll need to consider what meal options, for example, are the best to stay within your budget.

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Thanks to the budgeting tool, Starling Bank has found that the city “to get the best out of your holiday money” is Sydney if you’re looking for a vacation filled with sightseeing - and that’s because most of its attractions are free. If you want to take a more foodie approach to travel, then you might want to head for Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, where you can get a local meal for just a little bit under £2 (US$2.47).

A picture of Sydney Harbour Bridge at night, illuminated by streetlamps
Sydney is absolutely the best city to go do some sightseeing on a budget © Digital Bank Sterling

There’s also a luxury side to this budgeting tool - all categories are the same, except they refer to fancy restaurants rather than fast foods and taxis rather than public buses. In that case, the best city to get the absolute most for your money would be Istanbul, followed by Delhi and Cairo, while the most expensive places where to go for a luxury holiday are Miami, Auckland and New York City.

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If you’d like to know more about the budgeting tool and use to plan your next holiday, you can do so here.

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