The year 1896 is cited as an important milestone in the history of Budapest, with Hungary’s capital taking a step into the future thanks to additions such as a ground-breaking underground railway, the City Park, and other new constructions. It also marked the 1000-year anniversary of the Hungarian conquest over the area, and to celebrate, the National Millennium Exhibition was held inside the former Olof Palme House. Recently, the iconic building was reopened under a new name – The House of the Hungarian Millennium – which now includes a sleek restaurant where visitors can dine in the former exhibition hall.

House of Millennium in Budapest
The House of Millennium in Budapest © The House of Millennium

One of the Városliget's (City Park) oldest, most iconic and beautiful buildings, it was reopened at the end of 2019. The house has been restored with 21st-century touches, and currently has a temporary exhibition showcasing the history of the area between 1867 - 1914. Following that it will house a permanent, interactive display focusing on turn-of-the-century Budapest.

The Exhibiton at The House of Millennium
The exhibition traces the city's history to modern times © The House of Millennium

As well as being a cultural centre with programmes and events, the site houses a stunning rose garden, as well as an auditorium for educational events and films, while the restaurant, café and terrace add relaxing spaces for the public to meet. 

The House of Millennium
The restaurant serves up traditional dishes in a unique setting © The House of Millennium

Serving up dishes and flavours of the old cuisine, the restaurant has a modern design that incorporates turn of the century furniture and famous Zsolnay ceramics which fit perfectly in the 130-year-old building. It can host special events, lunches and dinners. Traditional Hungarian recipes can be sampled at either indoor or outdoor seating areas. The restaurant will operate as a café until spring and then as an à la carte restaurant from then on.

More information is available at the official House of the Millennium website

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