Broadway shows plan to continue to require masks from theatergoers through the end of May, though some venues will soon no longer require proof-of-vaccination to enter.

If you’re planning to visit New York City’s famed Broadway district, you’ll still need to figure a mask into your theater attire – at least through the end of May. 

The Broadway League, the organization that represents the 41 Broadway venues, said as a whole it would continue to require audience members to don masks to sit in its audiences through at least May 31, 2022. 

The future of the mask requirements after that? The League said it hopes to make a determination and announcement later in May. 

"Chicago" Reopens On Broadway
Broadway venues will continue to require audience members to wear masks through at least May. © Alexi Rosenfeld via Getty Images

Back in March, New York City mayor Eric Adams ended the requirement that indoor establishments like restaurants, gyms, and entertainment spaces check for proof of vaccination. 

Broadway shows, which were hit hard by the surge in Omicron variant cases in December among cast and crew members that forced performance cancellations, have continued to require both proof of vaccination and masks for guests to enter. 

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Some Broadway venues ending vaccine requirement

Though the mask requirement will continue through May, there are some of the now self-imposed requirements for entry that are loosening. 

Some of Broadway’s individual playhouses will stop checking for proof of vaccination after April 30. 

For instance, the Shubert Organization, which is responsible for performances like To Kill A Mockingbird, Come from Away, Dear Evan Hansen and The Phantom of the Opera, stated on its website that only masks would be required for performances in May. 

Other organizations had not immediately updated their websites to indicate whether they would require proof of vaccination beyond April 30. 

The League recommended checking with your desired venue for its individual policy before you purchase a ticket for the show. You can do that by visiting or the official show website for your desired performance.

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