In a not so distant future, you might be able to sleep in the same rooms that were once inhabited by some of England’s most notorious criminals.

A photo of the entrance to the victorian building of Broadmoor Hospital
The victorian building of Broadmoor Hospital has been housing patients until last December when a newer structure was opened © PA Images / Getty Images

The historic building of Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire, which dates back to the Victorian age closed recently and the remaining patients have been moved to a new building close by.

The patients of Broadmoor Hospital, founded in 1863, included some of the country’s most notorious criminals, like Ian Brady and Ronnie Kray. Now that the historic building is empty, its owner the West London NHS Trust is looking for someone who might be interested in buying it.

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Several possibilities are being explored, including turning the hospital into a hotel. This would mean that guests will have the chance of sleeping in the same rooms were famous and dangerous criminals have slept, which would definitely make for a very different hotel stay than usual.

An historic print showing patients outside Broadmoor in the 1860s
Broadmoor is one of the only three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England, and it has housed patients since the Victorian age © HultonArchive / Illustrated London News / Getty Images

What’s certain is that whatever money that's raised from the sale of Broadmoor Hospital’s historic building will go towards the founding of its new structure nearby. If you’d like to stay updated on the sale of the historic Broadmoor Hospital, you can do so at the hospital’s official website here.

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