There’s no doubt about it, air travel can be stressful, and in recent times, videos and news reports have surfaced that tell tales of the worst sides of people coming out, whether its instances of companies treating passengers unfairly or arguments between flyers erupting mid-flight. What’s the remedy? Trying to inject some friendliness back into the industry again. One new company has announced that it’s on that very mission; to be the nicest airline in the world.

Breeze Airways
The company is currently applying for its airline operating certificate © Breeze Airways

Conceived by David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue, Azul Airways, Morris Air and WestJet, Breeze Airways will seek to prioritise kindness and niceness when it comes to hiring employees, with the company saying that it values the trait as one of the most important criteria for its future vision. Formerly known as Moxy, the company is currently applying for its airline operating certificate with the Federal Aviation Administration and US Department of Transportation, and hopes to be flying by the end of 2020.

“Breeze will fly non-stop service between places currently without meaningful or affordable service,” said Breeze’s CEO and president David Neeleman.  “Twenty years ago, we brought humanity back to the airline industry with JetBlue.  Today, we’re excited to introduce plans for ‘the World’s Nicest Airline’.”

Smiling couple on plane
According to the company, Breeze aims to be the nicest airline in the world © Colin Anderson Productions Pty Ltd / Getty Images

Breeze will begin by serving mid-sized US city pairs that currently have no non-stop services. The company has ordered sixty new Airbus A220 jets, with deliveries beginning in April 2021, and has leased thirty Embraer 195 aircrafts. The former is suited to nonstop flights between mid-size destinations, while the latter can connect smaller places more cost-effectively.

The airline is currently advertising for a range of jobs online.

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