A cocktail bar inspired by the hit show Breaking Bad is due to open in New York City this summer, offering patrons the chance to cook up their own concoctions in a unique setting.

The interior of ABQ cocktail bar.
The interior of ABQ cocktail bar featuring familiar set pieces and designs from the show.

The bar, called ABQ, is housed inside a real American RV that holds an uncanny resemblance to the mobile lab made famous by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the show.

Heisenberg spray painted on the inside of ABQ cocktail bar.
The bar is opening in New York this summer following success in London and Paris.

The bar can accommodate 30 “cooks” who enter the lab to create personalised cocktails using molecular mixology techniques. Patrons are given manuals with instructions on how to make two cocktails, either the Blue Flynn, a rum-based strawberry drink that changes colour with the addition of acid, or Saul’s C2H60, a semi-frozen rose hip and pink peppercorn cocktail that is made using dry ice and nitrogen before being served in a beaker alongside popping candy, tea smoked air and crystallised edible crystallised violet petals.

Science equipment used for making cocktails in ABQ's Breaking Bad bar
Visitors can "cook" their own cocktails in the special mixology lab.

The idea has already proven popular, with ABQ originally opening in London in 2015, before also popping up in Paris. The company behind it is called Lollipop, a creative collective agency that specialises in creating immersive restaurants and bars. So far there is a waiting list of 1000 people for the New York opening.

The exterior of an American RV which houses the breaking bad themed bar ABQ
The exterior of the RV bears a striking resemblance to the mobile laboratory from the show.

“We want to bring back ‘the fun’ in going out and we believe drinking is not the only thing which makes for a good experience. ABQ is one of the most interesting and fun projects we have built in the last few years and I am happy that it finally is going to open in New York. It feels like a homecoming, given the inspiration behind our concept,” said Seb Lyall, Founder of Lollipop.

Cocktails at the ABQ Breaking Bad bar set to open in New York this summer
The cocktails are created using modern mixology techniques and include ingredients such as acid, dry ice and crystallised flower petals.

Another recent project by the company is The Bunyadi, a London-based restaurant that serves up raw food to naked diners.

A bartender in a hazardous suit inside the ABQ breaking bad cocktail bar
The bar can accommodate up to thirty people at one time, and currently has a lengthy waiting list.

ABQ NY is expected to open in July for a few months only. Ticket prices range from between $45 - $49, which includes two hours and three cocktails inside the RV.

More information on visiting the bar is available at the Lollipop website.

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