With the new year upon us, you may be hard at work finding ways to try to better yourself, whether it’s making more sustainable travel choices or simply eating healthier. When it comes to the latter however, one company is trying to tempt travellers to ditch their resolutions and embrace all things carb. For the month of January, guests at the Refinery Hotel in New York City can stay in a “carbohydrate room” that encourages them to nibble on sweet and salty treats like pizza, cinnamon rolls and freshly baked baguettes. It even comes complete with edible bagel and donut walls.

Carb Room New York City.jpg
The Bread & Breakfast room at The Refinery comes with a host of carb-heavy treats © Hotels.com

Available to book now through Hotels.com, the Bread & Breakfast experience is an homage to the joys of carbohydrates. As well as the edible bagel gallery, the room includes a toast-shaped headboard, baguette lights, waffle pillows, pretzel curtains, a tortilla blanket, soap that looks like bread and butter, and a pizza alarm clock, as well as a large feature wall covered with bread-themed wallpaper. Launched for National Ditch Your Resolutions Day on 17 January, the whole experience is aimed at allowing visitors to indulge their guilty pleasures for a short time.

Doughnut Wall The Refinery.jpg
The room comes with a bagel and donut wall © Hotels.com

The minibar has been transformed into a bakery case stockpiled with an assortment of free pastries, and people who book the experience will also receive a $100 credit for room service, with a menu that includes “keto-kryptonite” pizzas, “couch” potatoes, and “great in bread” sandwiches, as well as pasta, croissants, muffins, oatmeal and kettle chips.

Carb bedroom new york city.jpg
The room is available from 17 January on © Hotels.com

Guests are also encouraged to take home the custom “carbivore” embroidered robe and matching baguette slippers. 

The experience is priced at $225 per night and available from 17 January through to 31 January.

Bread soap.jpg
The bathroom has soap that looks identical to bread and butter © Hotels.com

The Bread & Breakfast room can be booked through Hotels.com.

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