Popular singer Beyoncé’s new music video Spirit was filmed at a stunning location in northern Arizona that has a famous blue-green waterfall.

Beyoncé wearing a pink dress in the desert in Arizona
Beyoncé's new Spirit video was filmed at the popular Havasu Falls in Northern Arizona. Image: Beyoncé/Spirit

The popular Havasu Falls was closed off for several hours to facilitate filming after the singer received permission from the Havasupai Tribe to film in the Havasupai Reservation. Beyoncé voices lioness Nala in the live-action remake of The Lion King movie, and she and her daughter, Blue Ivy, arrived by helicopter to the reservation, which is situated in a gorge off the Grand Canyon. In order to reach the area, regular hikers must tackle a trail that’s about eight miles-long, and from there it's another two miles to get to the campground and a further three to reach the falls.

Only 300 permits per day are issued by the Havasupai Tribal Council, and they are released yearly on 1 February at a cost of $100 (€89.40) per night on weekdays and $125 (€111.76) per night at weekends. Those who go there must spend a minimum three-night stay. Some people were critical of Beyoncé's shoot as it meant that the area was shut down for five hours for visitors with permits who had trekked for miles to get there. However the Havasupai Tribal Council said it was honoured to grant the request from the singer, who previously shot a video at the Louvre in Paris.

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Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

“Knowing that Beyoncé advocates for the preservation of water rights around the world, we were particularly pleased to be able to accommodate her request,” said Muriel Uqualla, chairwoman of the Havasupai Tribal Council. “Her choice to visit the Havasupai Indian Reservation as a setting for her new video and to share it worldwide is a testament to the stunning beauty of our remote homeland.”

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