An email subscription service that sends cheap flight alerts to its members has compiled a list of the best and worst European airports for cheap international deals.

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The results revealed that first place went to Heathrow Airport in London. Image: Photo by Stuart Gleave/Getty Images

Scott’s Cheap Flights has released its list of these airports based on data it collected over the past year on flight deals from more than 100 airports throughout Europe. It looked at commercial international airports in metropolitan areas with a population of at least one million people to compile a list of the airports that offered the most – and least  – frequent deals on international flights.

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Scott's Cheap Flights doesn't send deals with tons of layovers and ridiculous routing.

According to the service, there had to be a major drop from normal prices to be considered, with an average saving of at least €500 or £500 per ticket. "Our long-haul flights are on full-service carriers rather than budget airlines," it says. "We also don’t send deals with tons of layovers, ridiculous routing, only last-minute availability, or other significant drawbacks. We call it the 'Mom Test'; we only send a deal to our members if our moms would like it too."

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The best European airports for cheap international deals have been announced.

The results revealed that first place went to Heathrow Airport in London, the busiest airport in Europe and the seventh-busiest airport in the world. Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris came in second place, Milan's Malpensa Airport in Italy was third, Manchester Airport in England was fourth and Fiumicino Airport in Rome was fifth. Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport in Spain came in sixth place, El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport in Barcelona came seventh, Frankfurt am Main Airport in Germany came eighth, Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands came in ninth place and the UK's Birmingham Airport came in tenth position.

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Scott’s Cheap Flights provides tips and recommendations.

Scott’s Cheap Flights provides tips and recommendations on how everyone living near an airport where deals are less frequent can still save money and fly for cheap on their next international trip. For the full list of the airports it deems best and worst for cheap flights, please see here.

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