In a city exploring its emerging culture between the traditional and contemporary, Bangkok has developed a number of nocturnal offerings beyond its famed late-night cabaret shows and cheap happy hours of the past.

Travel News - Na-Oh restaurant Bangkok
Fine dining on a converted airplane in Bangkok. Photo courtesy of Na-Oh

Chang Chui market, Thailand’s largest creative space, was launched in 2017 in the northern suburbs of the city and became a firm favourite with local hipsters – even being named as one of the World’s Greatest Places to visit by TIME magazine. And now it has a new restaurant where you can dine within a disused airplane for a ‘futuristic food journey’.

Travel News - Converted airplane restaurant Bangkok
Diners on the converted Lockheed L-1011 Trista in Bangkok. Photo courtesy of Na-Oh

Na-Oh, named after Noah’s ark, the iconic ship from the Bible, is nestled within a refitted and refurbished Lockheed L-1011 Trista. A five or eight-course set menu is inspired by a doomsday ‘where all the living creatures [have been] evacuated on to Na-Oh’. Quirky, yes. And the brainchild of Bondi Belly, a group of young chefs who first found fame with Thai street food in Sydney. For their latest project, they are returning home to their Bangkok roots developing dishes with a modern twist on local recipe traditions.

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Bangkok's converted airplane restaurant Na-Oh. Photo courtesy of Na-Oh

The city has witnessed a number of unusual eatery openings. Fine dining bug restaurant, Insects in the Backyard, Thailand’s first edible insect-eating experience, is also on the grounds of Chang Chui, with a menu including silkworm nachos and crab and water beetle ravioli. Or try out the capital’s first ‘urban farm’, Haoma, whose degustation menu includes a meat-based Magnum ‘ice cream’ and cocktails using herbs from their on-site garden of almost 40 edible greens. If after all this fare you desire a quirky sleepover, book a cell at Sook Station where you can rest within a prison-themed hostel for a night, literally behind bars.

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