Fancy a good scratch every now and then? Can the joy of scratching lull you into sleep? Is it more to you than just taking care of an itch? If so, bucket-list this happy place: the newly-opened Češkaonica in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

A massage table in a candlelit room.
The interior of Češkaonica resembles a massage salon.

Češkaonica literally stands for ‘the scratching salon’, where you go in for a full or partial body scratching treatment. Not something you’ve head of before? No wonder, it appears to be the only one of its kind in Europe.

The interior very much resembles the one at massage parlours, with a massage table you lie down on for the treatment. You can opt for half an hour (80KN/€11) or full hour (100KN/€13) and depending on the preferred pressure and your ticklishness, choose from the four scratching “tools”: nails, sticks, brushes or feathers.

A bunch of colourful feathers in a vase.
You can choose to be scratched with nails or feathers.

“Nails are by far the most popular choice, and almost 90% of our clients go for it at least for a portion of the time. Sticks are the second choice, as they also create a good pressure, while feathers are typically chosen by the very ticklish ones – most often children,” the owner of Češkaonica, Ana Paradi, explained for the Lonely Planet. “Some clients even fall asleep, as it is so relaxing. Actually, I got this idea for a scratching parlour because I was always the one looking for kind, long-nailed souls to scratch me.”

Opened just a week ago, Češkaonica has enjoyed such a boom in demand that the owner is already looking to employ two more scratchers. Job requirements: kind nature and long nails.

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