A baby girl who was born when her mother went into labor on an American Airlines flight has appropriately been named Sky.

A baby hand grasping an adult hand
A baby girl was born on an American Airlines plane © Kamsing/Getty Images

Sky's mom, Nereida Araujo, was traveling from Tampa to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving with her husband and two children, when her waters broke and she went into labor. She was 38 weeks pregnant at the time, and was meant to have just a 20-minute layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. A fellow passenger helped Nereida with her breathing, and the crew radioed ahead to medical personnel. They helped to deliver the healthy new baby girl on the plane minutes after it landed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

An American Airlines plane in mid-air
The baby's mom went into labor on a flight © American Airlines

The mom and baby were then taken to hospital in Charlotte. The delighted parents have decided to name the new arrival Lizyana Sky Taylor, and she will be known as Sky. "I just want to thank them so much," Nereida told WSOC-TV. "Everybody was so great. They're like my heroes. It was an experience that I will always remember."

Mother and baby have now been released from hospital and are visiting their family in Pennsylvania before heading home.

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