The rural Australian pub that featured in David Bowie’s “Let's Dance” video in 1983 is on the market, and news of its sale is bound to provoke a wave of nostalgia among fans of the late singer.

David Bowie performing on stage on the first date of his Serious Moonlight World Tour at Vorst Forest Nationaal in Brussels in 1983.
David Bowie performing during his Serious Moonlight World Tour at Vorst Forest Nationaal in Brussels in 1983 © Michael Putland/Getty Images

George's Carinda Hotel in the small town of Carinda in New South Wales has been listed for sale for AUD $220,000 (€127,200). Located in the outback just 260kms northwest of Dubbo, the hotel welcomes a 'Let’s Dance' festival annually. Fans love it because, in the video, Bowie stands against a wall that remains unchanged to this day.

The exterior of the Carinda Hotel in New South Wales
David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' was filmed at this hotel in Carinda © George's Carinda Hotel

Speaking to the BBC in 2014, the shoot's location manager, Peter Lawless, remembers Carinda as "the closest thing we could find to a desert-like environment, with its nearby mountain range offering stunning, panoramic views, while the town itself felt untouched by the modern world."

The interior of the George's Carinda Hotel in Australia
The wall Bowie stood against is still there © George’s Carinda Hotel

The video follows a young Aboriginal couple from Carinda to Sydney and back again. It was shot in the bar and in the Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran for the title track of the album "Let's Dance," which went on to become Bowie's biggest-selling album, achieving mainstream success around the globe.

The single was the late star's only number one on both sides of the Atlantic, but when he arrived in Carinda, some of the locals didn't know who he was or didn't recognise him. People from the town can be seen dancing in the video or propping up the bar while Bowie sings and plays his guitar. According to the ad, the hotel has a large bar area with beer on tap, glass and bottle fridges as well as two cool rooms, living quarters and three cabins on the property.

A still of people dancing in a bar from David Bowie's Let's Dance video
Bowie played as locals danced in the video © Let's Dance video

"You will meet characters that you will only find in the outback and friends that you will hold for life," the ad says of Carinda. "It is a small town that has a large heart." If you fancy getting your dancing shoes on at George's Carinda Hotel, check out the ad on Gumtree here.

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